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Pro-Am Blues :(

Prior to release 2K made possibly one of its biggest and most well-received announcements to date: PRIVATE PRO-AM MATCHMAKING! This was the talk on all of the major Pro-Am communities on Facebook/Twitter. All big time Pro-Am leagues were set to make a comeback and getting their ducks in a row to run much missed leagues and tournaments. Unfortunately, the “new feature” has yet to work.

Multiple teams have tried and failed to get it to work at all, or at least consistently enough to be enjoyable. There have been a few elaborate methods posted to social media (“count to ten….” “make passcode start with this letter…”), however none have been able to produce stable enough results to the satisfaction of league owners.

At this point, the BallinBrothas commissioners have decided to put the league/tournament start date on hold. However will be hosting a Quick Match Head to Head Tournament for a $50 prize. Entry is free. ENTER HERE

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